{{energyDC() | bignum:2}} / {{energyMaxDC() | bignum:2}} ({{energyPercent()}}%) +{{getEnergyPerSecondDC() | bignum:1:1}}/sec
Tube info: 
Scale: ×{{visualScale() | number:3}}
Buy amount:
Capacity{{energyMaxDC() | bignum:0:1}}
+{{upgCtr.capacityUpgradeIncDC() | bignum:0:1}}
Use percentage:
Amplifier {{$index+1}}{{tube.improvementLevel + 1}} {{upgCtr.getTubeAmplifierLevel($index)}} +{{upgCtr.getTubeAmplifierLevelUpgradeInc($index)}}
×{{upgCtr.getTubeAmplifierNextSuperMult($index) | bignum:0:0}}
{{upgCtr.getTubeAmplifierValue($index) | bignum:(upgCtr.isShowAmplifierValueAsMult() ? 0 : 2):1}}
+{{upgCtr.getTubeAmplifierIncDC($index) | bignum:(upgCtr.isShowAmplifierValueAsMult() ? 0 : 2):1}}
Show amplifier's value as 

Use [Shift]+[1] - [Shift]+[6] to buy corresponding upgrades, [`] to max upgrade capacity.
[Shift]+Improve = Regress (revert the tube to the previous state before last improve).
NameBall bounce rateUpgrade
Ball {{$index+1}}{{upgCtr.getBallBounceCnt($index) | bignum:0:3}} +{{upgCtr.getBallBounceUpgradeInc($index) | bignum:0:3}}
Est. time: {{upgCtr.getBallBounceTime($index)}}
NameBall size (radius)Upgrade
Ball {{$index+1}}{{ball.r}} +{{upgCtr.getBallSizeUpgradeInc($index)}} (max {{upgCtr.getBallSizeMax($index)}})
Hint: increase radius ×2 => increase energy ×8
NameTube heightUpgrade
Tube {{$index+1}}{{tube.height}} +{{upgCtr.getTubeHeightUpgradeInc($index)}} (max {{upgCtr.getTubeHeightMax()}})
Hint: increase height ×2 => increase energy ×2
NameAbilityPointsDrop heightChange
Tube {{$index+1}}{{abilCtr.getTotalDropHeightDC($index) | bignum:0:2}} / {{abilCtr.getActiveAbilityHeightMaxDC($index) | bignum:0:2}}Est. time: {{abilCtr.getActiveAbilityEstTimeStr($index)}}infinity
Buy amount:
15-20 meta-energy recommended for first meta-energy activation.
Generate {{rstCtr.getEnergyToStartAccumulateMetaDC() | bignum}} more to start accumulating meta-energy.
You have {{rstCtr.getActive() | bignum:2}} meta-energy, and now you can use it to change the world!
Meta-energy adds +{{rstCtr.getTotalBonusMultPerc() | bignum:2}}% to the gathered energy.

You can refund all meta-upgrades in the Shop using Meta-energy refund. 
Auto-capacity extender
increase capacity on energy overflow
{{rstCtr.getEnergyExtCapacityMult() | bignum:2}}%
+{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyExtUpgradeInc() | bignum:2}}%
of manual upgrade
Bounce×{{rstCtr.getBounceMult() | bignum}}
+{{rstCtr.getResetBounceUpgradeInc() | bignum}}
density ×2 => energy ×2
×{{rstCtr.getDensityMult() | bignum}}
+{{rstCtr.getResetDensityUpgradeInc() | bignum}}
gravity ×2 => energy ×2 & speed ×1.4
×{{rstCtr.getGravityMult() | bignum:2}}
+{{rstCtr.getResetGravityUpgradeInc() | bignum:2}}%
Bubble probability{{rstCtr.getBubbleProb() | bignum:2}}%
+{{rstCtr.getResetBubbleProbUpgradeInc() | bignum:2}}%
Bubble initial capacity×{{rstCtr.getBubbleCapMult() | bignum:2}}
+{{rstCtr.getResetBubbleCapUpgradeInc() | bignum:2}}
Remove spikes        above the energy bar
bubble will grow ~1 second longer
Idle bonus multiplier
increase idle energy per hour
×{{rstCtr.getIdleMult() | bignum:2}}
+{{rstCtr.getResetIdleMultUpgradeInc() | bignum:2}}
Idle multiplier growth time
idle multiplier grows during this time
{{rstCtr.getIdleMultTime() | bignum}} hour(s)
+{{rstCtr.getResetIdleMultTimeUpgradeInc() | bignum}}
Energy generator {{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorLevel()}} +{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorLevelUpgradeInc()}} [{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorLevelMax()}}]
Improve any tube to N{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorNextTubeImproveLevel()}} to buy Next max level increase: any tube N{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorNextTubeImproveLevel()}}
{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorValueDC() | bignum:0:1}}/sec
{{rstCtr.getResetEnergyGeneratorVisualValueAfterUpgradeDC() | bignum:0:1}}

{{}} {{achCtr.achievementsLevel()[$index] | bignum}} / {{item.levelMax}}

Current multiplier: ×{{achCtr.achievementsMult()[$index] | bignum:item.multDecDigits}}

{{achCtr.achievementStatsDC()[$index] | bignum}} / {{achCtr.getAchievementReq($index) | bignum}}


Each new achievement gives you 1
{{}}: {{statsCtr.statistics()[key] | bignum:item.bigNumLoDigits}}{{statsCtr.getActiveTime()}} (score: {{statsCtr.getBigValueDCRank(statsCtr.statistics()[key]) | number:0}})
Days played in a row so far: {{statsCtr.getDaysPlayedInRow()}}
Total multipliers
Energy: ×{{statsCtr.getTotalEnergyMult() | bignum:2}}
Gravity: ×{{statsCtr.getTotalGravityMult() | bignum:2}}
Bounce: ×{{statsCtr.getTotalBounceMult() | bignum}}
Idle bonus multiplier: ×{{statsCtr.getIdleEnergyMultTotal() | bignum:2}} / hour
Idle multiplier growth time: {{statsCtr.getIdleEnergyMultTimeTotal() | bignum}} hour(s)
Maximal idle bonus multiplier: x{{statsCtr.getIdleEnergyMultMaxDC() | bignum:2}}
Daily reward: {{statsCtr.getBoostDailyType()}} +{{statsCtr.getBoostDailyTotalValue() | number:1}}% duration {{statsCtr.getBoostDailyDuration()}}
Idle bonus:+{{evCtr.eventsIdleMultPerc()}}%
Idle time:+{{evCtr.eventsIdleMultTimePerc()}}%
Meta bonus:+{{evCtr.eventsMetaBonusIncPerc()}}%

Event ends in {{evCtr.getEventTime()}}
Collect special items during event to get permanent boosts.

No active events.
Come back later.

Number format
Example: {{1e11+1 | bignum}}
Improved ball style
Background style
Buy amount step position

  Are you sure?

Cloud load is manual only, no auto-loading yet!

WARNING: You should be logged in to {{isSteamVersion ? 'Steam' : 'kongregate'}} with the same user to be able to import this save data!

To export, click the text above and copy (ctrl-c). To import, click the text and paste (ctrl-v) your exported data.

It's normal for imported saves to have more energy and other stats than you exported with. Your tubes continue their work even after saved data is exported/before it's imported.

Idle Bouncer v. {{gameVer}}

Some icons provided by

Idle bonus:+{{premCtr.premiumIdleMultPerc()}}%
Idle time:+{{premCtr.premiumIdleMultTimePerc()}}%
Energy generator:{{premCtr.premiumEnergyGeneratorStr()}}

You have {{premCtr.premiumMoney()}}  

Shop bonuses are multiplied by meta-energy bonuses
Special Saint Valentine
Event Pack
We've got special time limited deal for you!
Available for {{premCtr.getPremiumPackTimeRemain('packstv2')}}.
First time buyer?We've got special deal for you!
Like idle play?We've got special deal for you!
{{}} ({{item.availCntFnc()}} left)
Skip time:
Game speed (relative):

Game speed (fixed):
Execution time: {{dbgCtr.idleExecTimeLast() | number:3}} + {{dbgCtr.outsideIdleLoopExecTimeLast() | number:3}} = {{dbgCtr.execTimeLast() | number:3}}
Max execution time: {{dbgCtr.idleExecTimeMax() | number:3}} + {{dbgCtr.outsideIdleLoopExecTimeMax() | number:3}} = {{dbgCtr.execTimeMax() | number:3}}
Save size max: {{dbgCtr.saveSizeMax() | bignum:0}}
Daily reward:
Auto Play Time: {{dbgCtr.getAutoPlayTime() | number:1}} secs