Money: ${{money() | bignum:2:3}}
Paint: {{paint() | bignum:2}} / {{paintMax() | bignum:0}} ({{paint() * 100 / paintMax() | number:2}}%) +{{paintSpeed() | bignum:2}}/sec
Picture quality: {{getPictureLevel(getCurrentPictureId())}}
Layer progress:{{getFillCnt() | bignum:0:3}} / {{getFillMax() | bignum:0:3}} ({{getFillCnt() * 100 / getFillMax() | number:2}}%)


{{getBrushStrength(currentBrushId()) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/click
{{getBrushConsumption(currentBrushId()) | bignum:3:3}} paint/click

{{getWorkerStrength($index) / getWorkerDrawInterval($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/sec
{{getWorkerConsumptionPerSec($index) | bignum:3:3}} paint/sec
{{getPictureLevel($index)}} Picture quality {{getPictureLevel($index)}} ({{shopCtr.paintedPercentRemain()}}% to be painted to reach the next picture quality)
Price ${{shopCtr.getPictureSellPrice($index) | bignum:2}}
Selling:{{shopCtr.getSellTimeFromStartFormatted($index)}} / {{shopCtr.getSellTimeTotalFormatted($index)}}
The manager is hired and sells this picture 24h/day.
Selling:{{shopCtr.getSellTimeFromStartFormatted($index)}} / {{shopCtr.getSellTimeTotalFormatted($index)}}
Paint bucket

The paint bucket contains magic paint that you can use to create your pictures.

Capacity {{paintMax() | bignum}}
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getPaintBucketNextRealSize() | bignum}}
Speed of replenishment +{{paintSpeed() | bignum:0:3}} paints/sec
After upgrade: +{{upgCtr.getPaintBucketNextRealSpeed() | bignum:0:3}} paints/sec


Strength level {{brushProps($index).strengthLevel}}
Creates {{upgCtr.getBrushStrength($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/click
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getBrushNextStrength($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/click
Efficiency level {{brushProps($index).efficiencyLevel}}
Uses {{upgCtr.getBrushConsumption($index) | number:3}} paints/click
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getBrushNextConsumption($index) | number:3}} paints/click

Strength level {{workerParams()[$index].strengthLevel}}
Creates {{getWorkerStrength($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/action
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getWorkerNextStrength($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels/action
Efficiency level {{workerParams()[$index].efficiencyLevel}}
Uses {{getWorkerConsumption($index) | bignum:3:3}} paints/action or {{getWorkerConsumptionPerSec($index) | bignum:3:3}} paints/sec
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getWorkerNextConsumption($index) | bignum:3:3}} paints/action or {{upgCtr.getWorkerNextConsumption($index) / getWorkerDrawInterval($index) | bignum:3:3}} paints/sec
Drawing speed level {{workerParams()[$index].drawIntervalLevel}}
Makes {{1 / getWorkerDrawInterval($index) | bignum:3:3}} actions/second
After upgrade: {{1 / upgCtr.getWorkerDrawNextInterval($index) | bignum:3:3}} actions/second
Area size: whole picture Area size level {{workerParams()[$index].areaSizeLevel}}
Area size {{getWorkerAreaSize($index)}} pixels
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getWorkerAreaNextSize($index)}} pixels
Exponential strength level {{workerParams()[$index].expStrengthLevel}}
Increases the strength every action on {{getWorkerExpStrength($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels
After upgrade: {{upgCtr.getWorkerExpStrengthNextSize($index) | bignum:0:3}} pixels

{{}} {{achCtr.achievementsLevel()[$index] | bignum}} / {{item.levelMax}}

Current multiplier: x{{achCtr.achievementsMult()[$index] | bignum:1}}

{{achCtr.achievementStats()[$index] | bignum}} / {{achCtr.getAchievementReq($index) | bignum}}


{{statsCtr.statisticsList()[key].name}}: ${{item | bignum:(key == 'money' ? 2 : 0)}}{{statsCtr.getActiveTime()}} (rank: {{statsCtr.getBigValueRank(item) | number:0}})

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Number format
Example: {{1e11+1 | bignum}}
The picture quality auto-improve interval in seconds

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Skip time:
Last idle execution time: {{dbgCtr.idleExecTimeLast() | number:3}}
Max idle execution time: {{dbgCtr.idleExecTimeMax() | number:3}}
Save size max: {{dbgCtr.saveSizeMax() | bignum:0}}
Save packed size max: {{dbgCtr.savePackedSizeMax() | bignum:0}}